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                                                "WHAT'S  IT  ALL  ABOUT?"

   That's what this book is about.  It's a book which deals with many levels of consciousness.  On one level, it discusses some of the great questions facing our society today.  It lays bare the dynamics of the culture war that engulfs this nation.  It dissects and examines the roots of that same conflict.  But it doesn't stop there.

   On another level, it's about reality.  It's about truth.  It's even about God--- and the question of whether He exists in the real world.

   Some people are so afraid of the word "God" that they spend their entire lives running from it.  Whenever they hear it, they'll start chanting "preachy," or "holier than thou."  Then they'll just assume there are no answers, and go on living with a question mark.  But a thinking mind demands more.  This book is for those who demand more.

   Countless movies have been made (and novels written) about the supernatural.  But have you ever wondered if such things actually exist?   Not just God, but miracles, angels, and that creature we call the devil?  These are only a few of the topics covered in this book.

   It was written by a former agnostic.  If you are in the agnostic category--- not knowing if God exists--- you have a lot of company.  According to the World Almanac for 2018 (p. 697), there are over 48 million agnostics in North America alone.  In other words, where the actuality of God is concerned, there are over 48 million people living with that question mark.

   This book demolishes the question mark.  But it does so with fact, common sense and irrefutable logic.  Although biblical passages are occasionally referenced, the overriding question of God's existence is answered with facts--- facts which are concrete and verifiable.  Among the topics discussed are major archaeological discoveries which have shed new light on the origins of Judaism and Christianity, cutting through the fog of myth that has long obscured those events.

   If you're tired of living with unanswered questions, this book will be worth a read.  You can find it at  If twenty or thirty bucks doesn't fit the weekly budget, it's also available as an e-book at Xlibris, Barnes & Noble "Nook" and Amazon "Kindle."  Or, your local library should be able to order it for you. 

   Don't spend the rest of your life quaking with fear at the word "God."  In a world filled with fantasy, illusions and deceptions, what we really should be looking for is reality--- and truth.                                                                                                                                                         FRANK  WILKINS          


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Beyond the Comfort Zone: The War That Never Ends  ---  20 chapters, 253 pages including Glossary and Bibliography.   

ISBN numbers (for requesting copies from libraries or bookstores):

Hardcover:  978-1-5035-2791-1

Softcover:    978-1-5035-2792-8

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